Welcome to the CustomXC Mascot Designer!

Here you can design your perfect teddy mascot, it's simple and fun!

Choose your colours, then personalise with your choice of shapes and text. Whether you are matching your XC set, designing a gift or 'just because', your teddy mascot is sure to look adorable!

Choose an area to customise from the options on the right or click here to begin by choosing the shirt colour.

If you already have the perfect teddy click here to design mascot colours only.

Custom Mascot

Create your perfect Teddy Mascot

Complete your team with an adorable teddy mascot in colours to match your own! With almost limitless design possibilities, these guys make perfect gifts, lorry mascots and good luck charms. Below are just a few delectable examples of what you can do.

Navy and gold mascot, gold glitter sparks Rose mascot, navy all-around design Black mascot, gold and silver design, double text Red mascot, white and royal stars with pom pom Emerald mascot, purple clovers, large text Navy and capri mascot, stars design Royal mascot, fuchsia and white stars and text

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